Gemspot® for You

See the beauty. Feel the difference. Achieve the technical performance.

Meticulously crafted custom putters for your golfing Lifestyle.

Gemspot® Putters are high-performance putters, bejeweled with precious gemstones. They are undeniably chic, signature pieces, to be treasured and used competitively. 

Founded by top amateur golfer, Wendy Laub, Gemspot® is the result of Wendy’s entrepreneurial spirit, passion for golf, and experience as a custom jewelry designer.

Wendy took the best ideas from the putters in her vast collection, combined them with the latest technology and newest industry trends, and infused them with style and luxury. Gemspot® Putters are the result of Wendy’s tireless quest for the ultimate precision putter and are now shared with avid golfers worldwide.

Product Details on Gemspot® Putters:

  • Conform to all USGA rules
  • Gemspot’s® Patented “Diamond Alignment System”
  • Selection of 28 precious gems and colored gemstones

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