Spot On Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Gemspot® Putters.

“Are Gemspot® Putters approved by the USGA?” 

Gemspot® Putters have been determined by USGA Decision 2009-395, to meet the standards and conform to the USGA Rules of Golf.

Gemspot® putters are designed and manufactured with the tolerances appropriate for competition in USGA-sanctioned events and tournaments.

“Will the gems fall out?”

Gemspot® Putters are handcrafted with a proprietary “Diamond Alignment System”, consisting of five, high-quality, 5mm gems, soundly secured in sterling silver inlayed bezels.

Gemspot® Golf provides the consumer with a Limited Warranty, which includes replacement of loose or lost gems, through normal putter use, at no charge.

“Will a Gemspot® putters help my game?”

Gemspot’s® competition-quality putters are expertly designed and precisely calibrated. Using the latest advances in technology to enhance every golfer’s game, Gemspot® Putters’ gem alignment feature allows you to visualize the intended target line, properly sets the putter head square to the perfect target, and promotes a proper pendulum stroke. This gives you added confidence on the greens, to sink more putts and lower your golf scores.

“Will the gems distract me while putting?” 

Seeing the brilliant gems in the patented “Diamond Alignment System” properly sets the putter head square to the target, and allows you to focus on the perfect target line, making lining up putts even easier.

“Where can I try one before I buy one?” 

Contact us if you would like us to send you a demo putter with simulated gemstone. We’ll ship free in the U.S. if you’ll secure the demo with a credit card to guarantee you’ll return it. Hopefully you’ll return it and order the one you want.

“What is my proper putter length?”

Gemspot® suggests putter lengths according to a golfer’s height:

  • Height of 4’8″ to 5′ = 32″ putter 
  • Height of 5’1″ to 5’4″ = 33″ putter 
  • Height of 5’4″ to 5’8″ = 34″ putter
  • Height of 5’9″ to 6′ = 35″ putter

We offer options of 32-35 inches, but if you need one that’s longer or shorter, no problem! Please contact us for information on designing a custom-length putter.

“What are the restrictions and requirements for custom engraving and logos?”

Gemspot® provides personalization of putters with initials, names, or logos. All logos must be sent to [email protected] in a Tiff or EPS file in Adobe Illustrator.

Diamond etched engraving is limited to ten characters in Roman or Double script. 

Would you like to discuss your custom engraving needs with a Gemspot® Professional? Please contact us for information on engraving.

“How long before I receive my putter?” 

All items will be shipped within 5-7 business days of payment confirmation.

Custom orders may require 2-4 weeks, depending on material availability and engraving options.

Once your Gemspot® Putter has been assembled, putters are shipped to their destination via standard ground UPS.

Expedited assembling and shipping options are available for an extra fee.
Should you have any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Please include your order number.

“What is MOI?”

From the PGA Golf Club Glossary, the definition of MOI is:

“Moment of inertia” is the term applied to a club head’s resistance to twisting at the moment the ball is struck. A club head with a higher MOI, will twist less as a result of a miss-hit, creating a better chance that the ball will still go where you intended, and with less loss of distance. Thus, a high MOI, means a high level of “forgiveness.”

“Can I choose a pattern of different stones?”

For putters with 5 gemstones, it is possible to create your own unique gem color pattern. Selecting five birthstones of family members can add incredible significance and emotional value to a putter. Create family heirlooms, commemorate a special date, event, accomplishment, or simply make a bold fashion statement with a one-of-a-kind gem design in your putter. Price will vary depending on gem choices.

In order to specially price a customized gemstone order, please contact us for more details.

“Do you provide corporate or group discounts?”

Yes! Please contact us for information on corporate or group discounts.

“Do you provide the optional weight for the blade putter?”

The optional weight for the HU 5 Blade Putter with gem bar can be added to any HU 5 order, and is listed under Accessories in the E-Shop. Adding this item to your order costs an additional $20.00.

Please note that this weight is already included in the HU 5 Blade Putter without the gem bar.

“What style of putter is right for me?” 

Putting is about confidence. When choosing a new putter, pay close attention to its “look” and concentrate on aesthetics. Look for a putter with a pleasing alignment feature that encourages you to focus on the intended target line. The putter that looks good and feels solid is the one that will instill confidence, allowing you to hole the most putts. So, choose a putter that looks and feels right to you.

“Also, which style of putter are you currently playing with?”

A common choice with tour professionals and amateurs are the blade putters which are heel-toe weighted, and are suited for players who have an in-to-out stroke. An alternative choice is the mallet style putter. The heavier mallet heads are usually faced-balanced and are suited for players who prefer a straight back, straight-through stroke.

“How do I care for my Gemspot® Putter?” 

For proper maintenance, simply wipe off your putter with a clean, dry cloth after each round of golf. A putter cover is included to keep your putter clean and well protected. Daily use of the putter cover will reduce scratches and keep your putter in optimal condition. Keep your putter free of debris, moisture, extreme heat and chemical solutions. To clean the grip, wipe with a moist cloth to remove any debris. Use a soft, dry towel to pat grip dry if it becomes wet.

“Where can I find replacement head covers, gift certificates, and other items?”

All of these items are available in the E-Shop.

“What is CNC?”

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control milling. This type of vertical milling machine has the ability to move the spindle vertically along the Z-axis. This extra degree of freedom improves milling precision, making this the best way to ensure that quality and tolerances are met.

“What is the Certificate of Authenticity?”

A Certificate of Authenticity is a document that is included with every Gemspot® Putter that validates the gems we use are indeed authentic in size and classification.

“Why is Quartz-Blasted better than an applied finish?”

Fine quartz beads are blitzed on the surface of the 431 stainless steel putter head for an attractive satin finish, which minimizes glare, resists chipping, and provides long lasting durability.

“Why are Gemspot® Putters heavier than some other putters?”

Gemspot® Putters are designed to weigh 360 grams for the mallet style, and 350 grams for the blade style. The heavier weight in the putter head engages the larger muscles, which promotes stability, allows forgiveness, provides a truer roll, and encourages a proper pendulum stroke.