The Brain Behind the Beauty of Gemspot® Golf

Woman on golf cart

Thirteen-time Montecito Country Club champion Wendy Laub was out playing her course in Santa Barbara, Calif., early one day when the greens were still wet from the morning dew. Laub, a custom jewelry designer, looked down at her putter head and noticed that the water spots glittering in the sunlight looked like little diamonds. With that, the “Stroke of Brilliance’’ and Gemspot® Golf Inc., were born.

Gemspot® Putters are the result of Laub’s tireless quest for the ultimate precision putter. She inspected her collection of a dozen or so putters for inspiration, then combined what she found in her garage with what she learned about the latest technology and newest industry trends. Finally, she infused style and luxury to make a putter that is not merely tour quality and high performance but gorgeous.

It is a functional work of art. Her unique “Diamond Alignment System,” using the gemstones to set the putter head square to the target, inspires golfers to focus on the target line, gives them confidence in their stroke and ultimately helps to lower their scores.

Gemspot® offers a choice of 28 dazzling gemstones and two putter styles, blade or mallet, with luxury options ranging from a cherry-colored gift box to a plush putter cover to a striking blue eel grip. Lengths range from 32 to 35 inches and can be customized. A complete Gemspot® Putter starts at $329, depending on the gem selected, and can cost up to $10,000 for the five-stone, luxuriously appointed Ultimate Diamond Gemspot® Putter.

Today Wendy is sharing her vision with avid golfers worldwide. Since her “Aha” moment in 2007, Gemspot® Golf has shipped hundreds of handcrafted, jeweled putters to happy clients ranging from the husband looking for a both beautiful and practical gift for his wife to the corporate meeting planner stumped to find an unforgettable amenity worthy of her discerning clients.

Laub wears many hats: amateur golfer, jewelry maker, and operating room neurosurgical nurse. She has won numerous golf competitions and has been a thirteen-time winner of the Women’s Club Championship at Montecito CC, where her career-low round is 69.

When not overseeing the production and design of her custom putters or caring for patients, Wendy can be found playing golf with her husband, Dr. David Laub, a urological surgeon who has been involved in the treatment of prostate cancer for more than twenty-five years.

Because of the Laubs’ individual medical experiences, Gemspot® Golf has made financial commitments to two major cancer foundations. Ten dollars of the proceeds from the sale of each Blue Topaz putter is contributed to The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF). A further ten dollars from the sale of each Pink Tourmaline putter is contributed to the Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Resource Center.

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