The Elements of Technology and Style

Add Confidence to Sink More Putts

This putter conforms to all USGA rules

Gemspot® Putters have been determined by USGA Decision 2009-395  to meet the standards of and conform to the USGA Rules of Golf. Gemspot® Putters are designed and manufactured with the tolerances appropriate for competition in USGA sanctioned events and tournaments.

Diamond Alignment System

Gemspot’s® patented “Diamond Alignment System” creates a regal sight-line, accentuated by five, high-quality, 5mm gems secured in silver bezels. 

The brilliant gems in the patented “Diamond Alignment System” properly set the putter head square to the target, allowing golfers to focus on the target line, giving them confidence to sink more putts, and lower golf scores.

The single, brilliant gem in the quartz blasted head indicates the position of the sweet spot to further promote accuracy.

Choose from 28 precious gems and colored gemstones

Create a couture putter with a one-of-a-kind gem design. These are great golf gifts for women. All of our gemstones have been selected according to their clarity, color, and cut. Thus, Gemspot® guarantees quality, beauty, and value. Gemspot® uses the highest quality cutting and polishing standards for all carefully selected gems, and each gemstone comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The precious gems and colored gemstones elegantly shine with Brilliant Round Cuts. This cut dazzles, as the 58 facets beautifully reflect light without distracting the golfer. The opaque gemstones speak to refined elegance with a Cabochon Round Cut. The stone has a flat bottom and a smooth, polished, domed surface. Want to learn more about Gemspot’s® gemstones? Explore the brilliant Gemstone Gallery

Well-balanced and perimeter-weighted with high MOI

Weighing in at 375 grams for mallet putters, and 360 grams for blade putters, each putter is perimeter weighted and beautifully composed of 431 stainless steel. The entire Gemspot® Putter line has a heavier head mass and a high Moment of Inertia (MOI), to improve stability, provide a truer roll, and encourage a proper pendulum stroke.

The mallet putter’s cut-out design further enhances its MOI by redistributing the weight to the mallet’s perimeter for added forgiveness.

Precision CNC milled face

Gemspot® Putters’ CNC milled face is designed to grab the cover of the ball, increasing face friction, and creating consistent, smooth contact through impact. This precise milling improves predictability, accuracy, and distance control, without the ball jumping off the face. The key to accurate putting is the forward rolling motion immediately upon stroking the ball. The three-degree loft is excellent for reproducible, smooth-rolling putts, at any distance.

Putter heads are quartz-blasted 431 stainless steel, with a non-glare frosted finish.

Each putter is hand-polished and has an attractive satin finish, which minimizes glare and provides long-lasting durability. The stainless steel composition has a reputation for responsive feedback, giving the golfer a solid, controlled feel.

UST high-performance carbon-steel shafts feature a Frequency Filter™

Gemspot® Putters come with a new and exceptional Frequency Filter™ putter shaft from United Sports Technologies. The carbon fiber shaft technology amplifies touch, letting you truly feel the impact of the ball.
The Diffuser in the mid-section filters out unwanted vibrations, letting only the actual sensation of the ball impact pass through to your hands.
The Interlinked Carbon Fiber in the grip section and upper shaft creates a tremendous amount of consistency and provides an incredibly responsive feel.

KBS Tour Putter Logo
Premium Black Straight Golf Shaft
KBS Tour putter shaft technology maximizes energy transfer for increased putting control. Consistent feel and better control ultimately equal more putts. Matte black steel shaft straight and single bend features stability and stiffer tip.

The steel section of the lower shaft makes a perfect solid fit, for the hottest putter heads on the market.

Gemspot® mallet putters have a single-bend, steel shaft, for the perfect amount of offset.  Gemspot® blade putters have a straight, steel shaft, to square putters perfectly with the target.
KBS steel shafts lengths are available in standard women’s lengths 32”- 33”, and standard men’s lengths 34”- 35”. For custom lengths and grips, please contact us, or to learn more about the appropriate size shaft for your height, please visit our FAQ.

Selection of exotic, luxury, or standard pistol putting grips

Pure grip midsize and jumbo paddle. #1 selling quality grip for superior feel and comfort. Made in USA

Jumbo Pure Grip putter
Jumbo Pure Grip Putters
Midsize Pure Grips
Gemspot® jeweled putters have several options for quality grips.
  • GripMaster Tour-Pro Blue Genuine Leather Grip.

The Tour-Pro Blue Leather pistol grip is a luxurious, modern, one-piece, hand-stitched grip that lasts for years. Nothing can beat the feel and tactile responsiveness of natural leather and GripMaster is the leader in leather grips on the PGA tour. The hand cross-stitching on the rear seam makes these grips both beautiful and functional.

  • GripMaster Tour-Pro Exotic Blue Eel Leather Grip

Be sure to get noticed with a vivid, blue, Tour-Pro Eel Skin putter pistol grip. Eel leather, known as “Silk of the Ocean,” combines a colorful, supple, and silky texture with long-lasting durability. Highly prized for its bold beauty and its soft feel, eel skin is one of the strongest leathers made. A natural, horizontal pin-stripe pattern is unique to eel leather, but the grip is incredibly smooth to the touch, lending the eel leather grip an exotic and unique look. Each genuine leather grip is meticulously hand-laced on the rear seam, providing easy cues for hand placement. The Exotic Blue Eel Grips are available in limited quantities. For availability and inquiries, please contact us.

  • GripMaster Pistol Tour-Pro Black Leather Wrap Grip

The Pistol Black Leather Wrap Grip has a traditional look, with a classic feel. This grip provides excellent control and feedback, with a touch that keeps golfers comfortably confident.

High-quality leather head covers with magnetic closure

Each Gemspot® jeweled putter comes with a luxurious, leather head cover. Made in the USA, and custom designed in genuine blue and black leather, the head cover has eel accents, gold piping, a supple, velvet lining, and comes embroidered with the gold signature Gemspot® logo. The convenient magnetic closure allows you to pick up the head cover with your putter when walking off the green.

Certificate of Authenticity signed limited numbers

Gemspot® jeweled putters are functional works of art that come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Warranty. All precious and colored gemstones are genuine and have been carefully selected, cut, and polished. Our numbered collections, the OM 5 and HU 5 Putters, are signed by the designer and clubmaker, Wendy Laub, and have been thoroughly inspected to ensure uncompromising quality and value.

Cherry-colored wooden presentation boxes

A gift says so much more than words. An exquisite, cherry-colored, wooden presentation box with satin lining and gold-tone hardware enhances your blue-ribbon, Gemspot® Golf gift. To commemorate a special occasion or appreciate a loved one, a hand-polished, cherry-colored, wooden gift box is the perfect touch. These fine gift boxes accommodate jeweled putters up to 34”. Explore Corporate Gift Options.

Diamond-etched engraving

Gemspot® provides personalization of putters with engraved initials, names, or exclusively customized logos. All logos must be sent to [email protected] in a Tiff or EPS file in Adobe Illustrator. Diamond-etched engraving is limited to ten characters, in Roman or Double script.  Would you like to discuss your custom engraving needs with a Gemspot® Professional? Please contact us for information on engraving.