2023 Gemspot Putters: The ultimate gift for the elegant golfer

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Gemspot Golf showcases its tour-quality “Diamond Alignment System” in a 2016 collection of handcrafted, jeweled putters ranging from $329 with any one of 18 gems to $10,000 for the five-stone Ultimate Diamond model.

“We continue to be dedicated to producing the finest technically sound and innovative putter that is also beautiful,” said Gemspot Golf founder and president Wendy Laub. “I believe your putting will improve when your putter is both skillfully designed AND pleasing to the eye.”

Laub, a 13-time champion at Montecito Country Club, was playing her course in Santa Barbara early one day in 2007, when the greens were still wet from the morning dew. She looked down at her putter head and noticed that the water spots glittering in the sunlight looked like little diamonds. Laub also happened to be a custom jewelry designer, and with that the “Stroke of Brilliance’’ and Gemspot® Golf Inc., were born.

Laub did her homework, though. Her putter wasn’t going to be just another pretty face. She inspected her own collection of a dozen or so top-rated putters for inspiration, then studied the latest technology and industry trends. Finally, she infused style and luxury to make a USGA-approved putter that is not merely high-performing but gorgeous.

It is a functional work of art. Her unique “Diamond Alignment System” uses the gemstones to set the putter head square to the target, inspiring golfers to focus on the target line, giving them confidence in their stroke and ultimately helping to lower their scores. “My Gemspot® putter is too beautiful for words and produces a true roll,” said Gayle Moss, the online Golfgal. “It is well-balanced and I like being able to line up my putts with the gems.”

Gemspot Putter Collection
Gemspot Putter Collection

Gemspot® offers a choice of 28 dazzling gemstones and two putter styles, blade or mallet, with luxury options ranging from a cherry-colored gift box to a plush leather putter cover to an eel grip. Lengths range from 32 to 35 inches and can be customized. A complete single-gem blade Gemspot® Putter starts at $229, depending on the gem selected, and can cost up to $10,000 for the five-stone, luxuriously appointed Ultimate Diamond Gemspot® Putter, which comes boxed, cushioned in blue satin and fitted with an eel leather grip and leather head cover.

“We’re excited to offer such a high-end luxury putter, which creates the most special gift imaginable to that stylish someone who loves golf and jewelry,” said Laub, noting that Gemspot prices fluctuate with the gemstone market and diamonds have come down a bit recently. “But we have single-gem putters that start in the $200s, including onyx and tiger eye, which are popular with both men and women and therefore are ideal corporate gifts and tournament tee prizes.”

Added Laub, “No matter the stone, our putters are heirlooms that can be handed down to your children without ever needing to go back to the factory to be refinished.”

Since Laub’s “Aha” moment on the golf course in 2007, Gemspot® Golf has shipped hundreds of handcrafted, jeweled putters to happy clients ranging from the husband looking for a both beautiful and practical gift for his wife to the corporate meeting planner stumped to find an unforgettable amenity worthy of her discerning clients.

About Gemspot® Golf

Gemspot® Golf (www.GemspotPutters.com), headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, was incorporated in 2007 by top amateur golfer, jewelry designer and golf club maker Wendy Laub. Her passion is to design high-quality, eye-catching, competitive golf putters featuring unique alignment technology that can be enjoyed by all levels of golfers, especially women.

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